Week Two Loots


Orcish Double Axe (low quality) 54gp
Exotic Saddle (Griffon) 69gp
Orcish Double Axe (very fine quality) 88gp
Monk’s Outfit 9gp
Signet Ring 7gp
Block and Tackle (poor quality) 4gp
Light Mace (normal quality) 5gp
Monk’s Outfit 4gp
Smoky Quartz 12gp
Azurite 1gp
Star Rose Quartz 12gp
Obsidian 10gp
Blue Quartz 8gp
Tigerseye 7gp

1 Platinum
31 Gold
110 Silver
300 Copper
Debbie 1 pp, 4gp, 34sp, 100cp
Calvin 14gp, 33sp, 100cp
Tim 13gp, 43sp, 100cp

Spider Silk Gland

Climber’s Kit (low quality) 68gp
Light Pick (normal quality) 4gp
Fife (fine quality) 6gp
Portable Ram (normal quality) 10gp (20lbs)
Heavy Pick (normal quality) 6gp
Short Spear (normal quality) 1gp
Clear Blue Potion (unknown)
Sienna Potion (Protection from Law)
Thick Puce Potion (Hide from Animals)
Cloudy White Potion (Haste)
Azurite 5gp
Rhodochrosite 6gp
Tigerseye 9gp
Turquoise 2gp
Lapilazaly 5gp
Hematite 1gp

20 Gold
50 Silver
200 Copper

Debbie 7gp, 16sp, 40cp Calvin 7gp, 16sp, 40cp Tim 6gp, 18sp, 120cp

Week Two Loots

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