Explored Hexes

V1: The beginning

Description: Home sweet home. The lush grasslands that surround your hometown of Aldwind are exactly as you remember them, the tall, green grasses swaying gently in the breeze.
Terrain: Plains
Level (Range): 1 (1/3 to 2)
Critical Encounter: Town (The Village of Aldwind), landmark
Theme: Humanoids
Legend: The Lost Village—Aldwind was a happy village on good terms with its neighbors, until the mist came. An eerie fog covered the entire town and its surrounding environs one night and just as mysteriously vanished at sunrise. The locals thought nothing of it until the next night when an extra moon shone in the sky. The village of Aldwind had been moved, and to where, no-one knew.

C1: Stonewood Forest

Description: The trees of this forest look, if anything, healthier than normal. Lush greens seem to conflict with the cold grays of the boulders that dot the landscape.
Terrain: Forest
Level (Range): 1 (1/3 to 2)
Critical Encounter: Landmark (Standard): This colossal boulder looks like it may have once been a statue—in fact it must have been if the gigantic metal axe thrusting from it is any indication. However, despite the weathering of the statue, the axe looks like it could have been forged yesterday.
Theme: Constructs

C2:The Scalebog

Description: Despite the muckiness common to every swamp, this one seems almost…pleasant. The air here smells alive, and the plants bloom in wild colors that almost distract you from the flickers of motion you keep seeing out of the corner of your eye.
Terrain: Swamp
Level (Range): 1 (1/3 to 2)
Critical Encounter: Ruin (Hidden, Survival DC 16): The swampworks—this looks like it could have been an alchemist’s domain. Indeed, it looks less ruined from age than exploded, burned down, and dissolved. If the adventurers succeed on a DC 16 perception check, they find a trapdoor leading to a still functional basement…and its somewhat unusual occupant.
Theme: Dragons
Legend: The Odd Hoard—It is said that there is a dragon living in this swamp with a most unusual hoard—it collects hats.

Explored Hexes

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