Player submitted hex info

Here is where players can submit hex information. The Format I would prefer for the hexes is as follows:

Name: The name of the hex begins with a code number, which is your first initial followed by the iteration of the hex. So, for example, if Calvin were entering his third hex, the code would be C3. This can be followed by a proper name, such as the Gryphoncrypt hills or Forlorn Creek, but that’s not required if you don’t wish it—I can add it in later.
Terrain type: This represents what at least 70% of the terrain in this hex is (or in the case of a river, the primary terrain issue). The options to choose from are: Desert, Forest, Grassland, Hills, Lake, Mountains, River, and Swamp.
Critical Encounter: Each hex has a prime encounter that must be dealt with somehow for the hex to be considered “cleared”. All that’s required is a choice of encounter “type”. The options are: Bridge, Camp, Corpse, Hut, Lair, Landmark, Monster, Plant, Resource, Ruin, Structure, Trap, Town. If you have any specific ideas for the encounter feel free to add them, as every little bit helps.
Theme: The theme of a hex determines what kind of monsters are found there. You may either choose a monster type (Aberration, Animal, Construct, Dragon, Fey, Humanoid, Magical Beast, Monstrous Humanoid, Ooze, Outsider, Plant, Undead,or Vermin) or, if you have a more specific theme in mind, a theme description with 5-7 monsters within a four CR range would be helpful.
Legend: Every hex has some sort of legend behind it—this legend may or may not have something to do with the critical encounter. Unlike the other four sections, an entry in this section isn’t required, but a hexes’ legend lets me know some directions you want to take the campaign in. You can supply either the name of a legend or a full description—either will be helpful.

So there it is. Please feel free to add in hexes here—I will remove them when I set them up to be fleshed out. I would like one a week from each player at a minimum until I have a grand total of 218 hexes (and then maybe one a month thereafter). Thanks for the support!
Hexes Completed: 44 Most recent entry per player: C9, D6, T9, V20
XP for entries since last session: 25

New Entries:
D7: Terrain: River, Critical Encounter: Town, Theme: Plant
Legend: Oracle Tears – In a local legend of the port town a blind oracle mourning her lost lover travelling through stayed for a time in the cottage of Dowager’s Glen, a fifteen minute walk from the town. In the fields and forests around the town is a unique plant, a ground cover plant with small, creamy flowers with a fiery streak at the center of each petal, the genesis of this plant is reputed to be the tears of the sorrowing oracle. Many of the locals swear by it for teas and herbal remedies.

Player submitted hex info

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